Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC Ozone Services , we fight against Viruses and Bacteria 
SARS-2 & COVID-19 Coronavirus


Central Ontario

Born To Ride Bicycle & Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC Ozone Services are committed to help you knock out SARS-2/COVID-19

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Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC Ozone Services

The fight against SARS-2 Virus , COVID-19 illness 

In light of the SARS-2 Virus outbreak 2020, causing the COVID-19 Illnesses, we have combined 25+ years of Technical experience in Electrical/Electronic, Appliance/Heat Pump and HVAC services.

Born To Ride Bicycle, is offering:

Anti-viral Germicidal UVC Ozone Services

We now offer UVC Ozone equipment rentals 

We come to you to eliminate up to 99% airborne and surface area viral & bacterial cultures, unwanted smells, and minor mold surface areas. 

We offer treatment up to 1200 square feet per room: 35ft x 35ft (for larger areas call 1-855-795-4482) 

  • Showers, saunas
  • Carpet & furniture
  • Computers and other technologies
  • cars, trucks, campers, Rvs
  • Residential & Commercial   (Industrial treatment please call 1-855-795-4482)
  • Appliances

What is our technology?

Ultraviolet "C", UVC light was discover in the late 1800s, and was originally used in hospitals and dental practices for sterilizing of surgical equipment, patient rooms, senior homes and is still been used the same way today. 

Today UVC light is used in controlled environments to improve air quality, disinfect laundry drying processes, water treatment for drinking water on all levels, to the point of sterilizing water sources for entire cities.

UVC has been proven to be a much safer, healthier and cost effective alternative, to  traditional chemical treatments.

The UVC operates within the 100-280 nanometer wavelength spectrum, penetrating through living cells at varying degrees, killing unwanted micro-organisms. An average bacteria  measures .5 microns which is one half of 1000th of one mm in size, Viruses are much smaller. That's what we kill, with our technology!

Each frequency of UVC, has its benefits, on average we use a range of 240-260nm UVC with or without Ozone. Ozone contributes to killing off Bacteria, where were UVC light doesn't reach. We combine both technologies to make elimination of viruses and bacteria most effective.

Our equipment is designed to kill off up to 99.99 % of viruses and bacteria. (note: The percentage of killing viruses/bacteria is dependent upon the effective exposure and area in which we are treating.

When we have finished our treatment, you will feel safe and at ease, once again!

Did you know viruses,

Like SARS-2 (COVID-19) can live up to 3 days on stainless steel, synthetic fabrics and Plastic surfaces, Card board surfaces 24 hours, and Airborne up to 3  hours.

So when you breathe in or touch that hand rail, that others have been there before, your probably attaching these micro organisms to your body. That's what we kill off to prevent you from touching.

Our technology is designed to eliminate Bacteria and Viruses on hard surfaces and airborne. We treat the SARS-2 Virus that causes the COVID-19 illness.


Office & Study areas, Elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Bathroom Areas , elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Guest rooms or Bedrooms, elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Living and Dining Areas, elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures and other little critters like bed bugs. (note: in order to kill insects (bed bugs) they must be fully exposed to be killed)

Common Living &  indoor Recreational Areas, elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Popular Gathering Areas such as the front entrance way or Kitchen, treatment & elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Work Shops Areastreatment & elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures that can be harmful to you or your plants

Stairwell or in dark places under stairs that harbour harmful bacteria,

treatment & elimination of unwanted bacteria and viral cultures

Information you must know


Your rooms must fall within one of two categories 

For effective results: Ceilings must not exceed 15ft

 If your rooms fall outside the criteria email us at:

A)  Rooms less than 600 square feet

600sqft is equivalent to:

24'3" X 24'3"

55.74 Square Meter (m²), equivalent to 7.45m X 7.45m

B) Rooms greater than 600sqft & less than 1200 sqft 

1200 sqft, equivalent to 34'7" X 34'7"

111.48 Square Meter

(m²), equivalent to 10.55m X 10.55m



Note: Rooms with walk in closets and/or have attached bathrooms, such as bedrooms, you must account each room as a seperate room, your selection in payment must reflect the number of rooms or they will not be treated effectively.

Note: If  room(s) or common areas do not have doors to isolate each from the other or they share a common corridor, you still must treat each room individually. Bacteria and viruses can carry over into each of the open spaced areas including the common corridor. We will not treat one of these common rooms, you must have all areas treated.  If you don't have doors to isolate from each room and you wish to limit  the extent of treating to these areas , you can seal off the area you don't want treated, from the area been treated. Example: a corridor leading into an open area, if you want only the corridor treated, you would seal off the corridor from the open area, so that we would only treat the corridor.  SEALING OFF An area can be done by using vapour barrier plastic. Vapour barrier is commonly used in construction of buildings. Vapour barrier plastic rolls or sheets  are commonly sold at any hardware/building supplier.

  1. If this is your first Anti-Viral Germicidal treatment, we highly recommend all areas been treated. If your planning to have ongoing treatments, you may choose to prioritize high traffic/exposure areas first, and the rest of your rooms or enclosures, secondly.
  2. If you have an entrance that opens up to a large room, you must count the entrance way as a separate room, and the large room area as one room (less than 600 sqft) or two (larger than 600 sqft) rooms.
  3. Rooms that ceilings exceed 8 feet in height, can be treated, but must be treated up to twice the duration of a normal room (< 600sqft vs < 1200sqft), please make a second payment for this type of scenario. Otherwise we will treat the room as if it is under 8ft with only a set exposure level.
  4. For short exposure times, any pets like reptiles that are contained within a glass barrier and are not affected by air quality, are relatively safe from harm, but all sides of their containment must be covered by any hard plastic or glass surface, for additional protection cover your pet enclosure with a large moving blanket(s) to prevent UV light rays injuring your pets, which may causing temporary blindness. 
  5. To date we have not had any incidences with reptiles or aquariums been affected by the Anti-Viral Germicidal treatments. (note: Germicidal pumps are available to purify water quality in aquariums, especially after a dead fish has been removed)
  6. Plants, can be harmed if the exposure exceeds exposure limits. typically a 200sqft room with less than 10% plants growing in the room are relatively safe, up to 30 minutes, as long as our equipment is redirected away from plants, but you run the risk of UVC or Ozone damaging plants leaves.
  7. If you are concerned about any plants being damaged, please remove or seal the plants in plastic bags. Note: By protecting them, you run the risk of viruses or bacteria on your plants surviving treatment. So, far we have found leaving plants in the room during treatment has at times rid the plants of viruses, small parasites, and some insects. Note: Bronzing and reddening on plant leaves are typically due to ozone exposure, Some of our technology does produce ozone. If you feel you don't want your plants exposed to the treatment then you will need to remove them  temporarily.
  8. We will require the forced air furnace, to be turned off, while Anti-Viral Germicidal treatment is been conducted. Alternatively you may cover the vents in the rooms been treated. Stopping recirculation of airflow helps increase the effectiveness and concentration of treatment within the room..

Questions /Answers:

Qn. Do I need to wash down or vacuum surfaces?

Ans. It's in your best interest to clean up any dirty surfaces.  But not neccessary do not wipe down surfaces. 

Qn. Will one Anti-Viral Germicidal treatment eliminate Viruses and bacteria?

Ans. For best results we recommend a minimum of two sessions. the first covering all rooms/areas and the second session covering at least 75% of the Anti-Viral Germicidal treatment areas. During High flu season, we would suggest, a minimum of a bi-monthly treatment. 

Off flu season you may benefit from treatment, once every two months, in the off season. NOTE: these are only suggestions, as each customers scenario is unique to there environment and there ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. And proportional to the amount of exposure to other people and the viruses or bacteria that may infiltrate the area.

Qn. What can I do to reduce viral and bacteria infection, even farther?

Ans. If you haven't already, invest in a UVC light filtration system, which is installed in your HVAC duct work. This helps to eliminate air borne micro organisms, but does not kill off micro organisms on surfaces, that you touch on a daily basis. Once the Furnace blower stops, the killing off of micro organisms stops, as well.  Also, if these units are not maintained and replaced regularly, they stop performing. (In 2020 these units range from $1000 to $2000 installed in a typical home)

Qn. Does your Technology kill Bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, that I touch on a daily basis.

Ans. YES, Our present technology, produces UVC that kills viruses on all surfaces and included is ozone treatment, a double bladed sword, that attacks and kills off airborne and surface area organisms and tiny insects such as exposed bed bugs. note: Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms, because it is an unstable molecule and has a short life span, it will transform back into oxygen, after treatment. 

  • Each room must not be entered during treatment, as well as NO access is allowed 60 - 90minutes AFTER treatment is complete . Including Entrance ways and open corridors been treated. This due the production of Ozone, in the ozone breaks down into Oxygen molecules.

  • All animals (cats, dogs) are not permitted in treatment areas, and must be confined, not allowed to roam freely within. Our technology kills all living organisms.

  • If we are in the area working or treating the area, it will be restricted, "OFF LIMITS" from the start of the process to 1 hour after treatment is completed.

  • If you enter or walk by and even look into the area without protective eyewear, your at risk of injury.

  • Exposure can cause temporary blindness, and severe burns.

  • Have everything prepared and ready for treatment prior to our arrival, or you will be charged a mimimum hourly rate of $120.00/hr.

  • Once payment has been recieved,  you will be scheduled and updated on arrival time on the day of your treatment.

For further questions call us at: 1-885-795-4482 

Estimated time to ELIMINATE Bacterial/Viral Micro organisms

35-55% elimination of bacteria/Viral  600sqft (24'x24') area/room, approx. 20-30 minutes, larger areas may take 90 minutes. 

60-75% bacteria and Viral elimination in each 600sqft (24'x24') room takes approx. 35-45 minutes, larger areas may take 90 minutes.

75-95% bacteria and Viral elimination in each 600sqft (24'x24') room takes approx. 50-60 minutes, larger areas may take 90 minutes.

Note: Rooms with walk in closets and/or have attached bathrooms, such as bedrooms, must be counted as a separate room, your selection in payment must reflect the number of rooms or they will not be treated effectively.

When making payment, select from the drop down options below, your room sizes based on square footage. And exposure time.

Instructions: For each room measure length x width of each room = multiply the two measurements times each other, to get your square feet.

Disclaimer: We apply our technology to the best of its capacity. We make no claims or guarantees that all viral or bacteria will be eliminated.

For preventative measures during a virus outbreak or high flu season, please request weekly or bi-monthly treatments. Until you feel your health issues are eradicated.

Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments

 Rooms less than 600sqft  

(note: minutes of exposure/room are listed with price)

Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments 600sqft or less
Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments 600sqft or less part2

Rooms Less than 1200sqft & greater than 600sqft

Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments for Rooms >than 600sqft
Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments for Rooms >than 600sqft p2

Anti-Viral Germicidal UVC treatments for

Rooms Greater than 1200sqft, or that exceed 15ft in ceiling height.

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