Learn To Ride a Bicycle in
Ottawa Ontario, Hull Quebec
Halifax Nova Scotia

Learn To Ride a Bicycle in Ottawa Ontario, Hull Quebec and Halifax Nova Scotia

Learn to ride a bicycle whether you're young or young at heart! 

 We are training customers daily, with a 95% success rate! 

Our Successful techniques are hands free, so there is no close contact with the student , which satisfies the COVID-19 requirement. Sign up and get riding! We operate All Year Round!

We offer training All Year Round! 

SEASON officially starts: MARCH 30th, Our training is offered as soon as the weather permits, BOOK Before the season starts! Most customers book in advance.

COME JOIN US at  Born To Ride Bicycle! 

We have transformed many of our clients into cyclists within the first two hours

  • Single PRIVATE & Group training packages (must be family or close friends)
  •  95% success rate, the highest success rating in the industry!
  • EVERYTHING IS SUPPLIED, YOU JUST NEED TO SHOW UP! (Age 8 or less must supply there own helmet)
  • We Have taken children using training wheels to riding a bicycle within one session.
  • We have taken teenagers with fears, or having a bad experience, not knowing how to ride a bicycle to becoming a skilled cyclist doing jumps over obstacles within two sessions!
  • We have taken Adults with fears, lack of belief and regrets to excitement wishing they didn't wait so long to learn ride a bicycle. "Why did I have to wait so long, to learn to ride a bicycle?"
  • We have taken inexperienced cyclists who didn't know how to ride their road bicycle and transformed them into riding 50-80 KMs within three weeks of dedicated training.
  • If your willing to work hard and commit to yourself, we will commit to you, and never stop believing in you. Did you know one out of ten people don't know how to ride a bicycle, Your not alone! They never had the chance, or they had a bad experience. We'll help you through this!
  • Whether you want to ride the local trails, streets, waterfront passages, We will take you from where you are today, to your destination and goals, cycling amongst the many cyclists, out there. 


Experience a NEW level of Freedom and Excitement!

Our customers get the best results when each lesson is no greater than 24-48hours apart.

 Ottawa Ontario   Hull Quebec   Halifax Nova Scotia 

    1st time lessons private package: Includes a 2 hour 1st time Learn to ride session with a second 1-1/2 hour session, both sessions must be booked within the same week. 
    2 Children under 13 yrs  Package Includes 3 hours for two children under 13 years at the same time and a 1-1/2 hour session. Our trainer will devote 1 hour to each child and 3rd hour combined. The 1-1/2 session is scheduled within the same week for both/either children.  Great way to learn to ride together!
    2 TEENS  13+yrs Package: For 2 Teens age 13 -18 years. Includes 3 hours for two teens at the same time and a 1-1/2 hour session. Our trainer will devote 1 hour to each teen and the 3rd hour combined. The 1-1/2 session is scheduled within the same week for both/either Teen.  Great way to learn to ride together!
    2 hour L-Ride session  A single session can also be purchased, during the week of the Canada day celebrations in Ottawa. After which 1-1/2 hour sessions become available.

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Eleven different Training Options To CHOOSE From

 Ottawa Ontario  Hull Quebec 



(Woodroffe Ave. & Longfields Dr Nepean)

  • June 25 - July 4 
  • August 30- September 13 
  • OCTOBER 8-17 

Monday to Friday

5pm-7pm and 7pm-9pm (when schools are not operating add'l hours are: 4-6am/6-8am, 9am-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm)

Saturday & Sunday 

4-6am/6-8am, 9am-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm, 6-8pm/7-9pm

NOTE: Other dates may become available, To make a request for alternative dates, fill in the Reserve Today! form and include your comments/request. Be aware, alternative dates, Off Season Schedule Fees will apply, refer to drop down pricing.

 Ottawa Ontario    Hull Quebec   More details further down page

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                 CANADA DAY 2020 -2021           

Happy Birthday Canada! 2020  Celebrate 2021 by Learning to Ride !

  • Improve your cycling skills!
  • We supply the bicycles, helmets and trainer. Everything's included.
  • you just have to supply your enthusiasm! 

We maintain a 95-98% success rate, with the highest ranking of the industry!

Ottawa, L-Ride sessionsavailable: Friday June 25th-Sunday July 4th 2021

Friday June 25 2021

3pm-5pm, 5:30pm-7:30pm, 8pm-10pm: CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe, How To Repair, Learn-Ride

Saturday June 26 2021

4-6am/6-8am, 9am-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm, 6-8pm/7-9pm: CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair Learn-Ride

Sunday June 27 2021

11am-1pm/12-2pm, 3pm-5pm, 6pm-8pm: CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair, Learn-Ride

Monday June 28 2021

11am-1pm/12-2pm, 3pm-5pm, 6pm-8pm: CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe, ,How To Repair, Learn-Ride

Tuesday  June 29 2021

4-6am/6-8am9am-11am/10am-12pm1-3pm/2-4pm6-8pm/7-9pm: CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair Learn-Ride.

Wednesday June 30 2021

Closed No training, Emergency Mobile Bicycle Repair

Thursday July 1 2021

4-6am/6-8am9-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm L-Ride, 6-8pm/7-9pm L-Ride, CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair Learn-Ride

Friday July 2 2021

4-6am/6-8am L-Ride, CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe, How To Repair, 9-11am/10am-12pm L-Ride, 1-3pm/2-4pm L-Ride, 6-8pm/7-9pm L-Ride, CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair Learn-Ride

Saturday July 3 2021

4-6am/6-8am L-Ride, CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe, How To Repair, 9-11am/10am-12pm L-Ride, 1-3pm/2-4pm L-Ride, 6-8pm/7-9pm L-Ride, CYCLE-SAFETY, CycleSafe,How To Repair Learn-Ride

Sunday July 4 2021

1-3pm/2-4pm L-Ride, 5-7pm/6-8pm L-Ride,How To Repair Learn-Ride

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Friday Oct 8 to Sunday October 17 2021

October Hours

4-6am/6-8am, 9am-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm, 6-8pm/7-9pm

Note: weekday morning sessions are booked, evening weekday sessions are still available after 4pm.

Reminder: Canadian daylight starts diminishing by 5:30pm (October-March)

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OTTAWA Learn to Ride Basic SINGLE Sessions
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Learn To Ride Ottawa/Hull PRIVATE Single Packages
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Learn To Ride Ottawa/Hull Youth Packages
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We can come to you Learn To Ride Training & Events Sept to March
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14. Halifax Nova Scotia 

14.     Halifax/Dartmouth    



  • July 2-July 4  
  • OCTOBER 8 -17


5pm-7pm and 7pm-9pm


4-6am/6-8am, 9am-11am/10am-12pm, 1-3pm/2-4pm, 6-8pm/7-9pm

Halifax Nova Scotia Dartmouth  More details further down page

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Learn To Ride Halifax NS PRIVATE Single Pkg
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Learn To Ride Halifax Nova Scotia Youth Pkgs
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Would you like to learn to ride but can't afford to make a full payment? contact us and we will accept e-transfer payments.  Once your lesson is paid in full, we will schedule your session. Sorry , no refunds under this arrangement. Make this the year to learn to ride!

Learn To Ride sessions are:

  •  For those who truly want to learn and improve their cycling skills. Learn To Ride students should be committed to learning, with plenty of reasons why they want to learn, or improve there skills. 
  • Demanding and involved, requiring your full attention. You may feel exhausted, thirsty and hungry during and/or after each session. So make sure you are prepared and conditioned for a work out, weeks in advance. If your not, be prepared to take more time to get results.
  • Professional, and in most cases do not require the trainer to hold or touch the student or the bicycles been used. This applies to all ages and levels of difficulty. We have the highest success ranking in the industry, 95-98% success rate.
  • - Customized to each person’s age and level of “challenges” or “fears”. (FEAR-False, Evidence, Appears, Real)
  • Customized to suit each person, no one sessions is the same, we work with all types and challenges. Disabilities, coordination issues, Autism, learning disability, ADHD etc.. keep in mind that no one can guarantee anyone's success, Instilling determination and coaching the student to overcome their challenges. These are very important characteristic, for life long ambitions, which you as the parent set the stage as the perfect role model. In this category, we require the caregiver or guardians full cooperation.
  • Leadership oriented:  counselling, humour, discipline, and friendship; helps to achieve your goals,  We try to accommodate every customer in every way possible, to help alleviate any stress.
  • Easy to comprehend, step by step, and SIMPLE!


  • When we send you dates and available times, you are typically one of twenty customers, receiving the same offerings, so it’s important you make payment ASAP to receive first priority over others.
  • All bookings are on a First pay basis, nothing is reserved until payment is received, or the next paying customer takes priority.  
  • We stock over $5000 in training equipment, so you don’t need to bring anything, all you have to do is show up and we’ll get you riding.

Only when the weather is recognized by the trainer as unsafe, will your trainer offer you the next available opening, if you cannot coordinate your schedule to meet our offerings. You may be required to choose from next years’ scheduled dates, or an alternative location, outside of the region. (ie. Toronto), we will make every effort to make your schedule work within the trainers availability.

We come to you, Learn To Ride Training 

Sept 15 to March 15 (E00938)

SIGN-UP at the bottom of this page 0000FF

We come to you Learn To Ride Training & Events Sept to March
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We come to you! Learn To Ride Training E00938

Many ask us, can you come to us?

  • Home
  • Residence
  • Cottage
  • School
  • Church
  • Organization
  • Event .                             The Answer, is YES!

 From September to March 15 we can come to you 

There are many reasons:

  • Single car family, with more than one child, cant get out
  • Don't have transportation 
  • Visiting the area, don't know my way around
  • Don't have enough time to travel to training location

Looking for something close to home mid-day or after school for your children to: 

  •  Develop life skills
  • Birthday gift, surprise gift
  • More commuting time required, before I can p/u the kids
  • So, I can go out for a couple hours, shopping, friends
  • So, I can complete my business appointments

We come to you! Learn To Ride Training (E00938)

We can offer:

  • A minimum of one hour and fifteen minutes , 
  • A trainer, who can take you to the next level of cycling, 
  • Providing  outdoor supervision with your children, to enhance your child's cycling skills/experience
  • Access to an array of training equipment spinning bike trainers..etc., 
  • Fun bicycles (Tandems, Unicycle)

No matter what the scenario is, contact us let us know How we can help at : info@borntoridebicycle.com

Rates are based on:

  • Travel time to & from your location,
  • Hours onsite and 
  • Number of days required on location, 
  • Total travel time exceeding  4-1/2hours/day.

 Complete the form at the bottom of this page

We come to you Learn To Ride Training & Events Sept to March
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Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Bicycle Repair Services

  • For bicycles not serviced within the last 3 years or where purchased USED, select and make payment for both:  a tune up and a clean & Lube. 
  • To help your bicycle mechanic, please explain what issues your having with your bicycle. (info@borntoridebicycle.com)
Bicycle Tune Up - Age 10 to Adult
Cyclists name, Age, inseam
Childs bicycle Tune up 8yrs or under
Cyclist Age, Name, Inseam
Clean & Lube
Cyclists Name, Age, Inseam

Tune Up Includes:

  • Air Pressures
  • Check frame and mechanical Defects
  • Inspect, reset and alignment of brake system
  • Truing (Minor to extensive, 
  • Inspect, reset and alignment of Gears 
  • Test and lube all moving parts 
  • Inspect brake shoes and tires for wear and dry rot
  • Adjustments to fittings, tensions to all major components
  • Correct adjustments to customers hand grip, reach and riding posture
  • Test ride, to customers satisfaction.

Additional charges may apply, based on the extent of labour and repairs required

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Born to Ride Bicycle has great teachers! My girls, not only learned to ride their bikes, but also how to care for their bikes.
Caroline. Toronto, ON

I never learned to ride a bike as a child. I'm so glad I took this training with Peter, now! Nancy T. Woodbridge, ON


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