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News and Updates, Issue #002 -- Can't wait for Spring
March 07, 2013

After attending the Toronto International Bicycle Show, we are in no doubt cyclists are itching to get outside and start pedalling! Once the snow melts and the weather warms up a bit, Ontario cyclists are on their bikes and enjoying the freedom of riding. This is also a good time, if you haven’t done it already, to get your bike tuned up or at the very least, checked over to ensure it is safe and road or trail ready. Always check your tire pressure after a winter of storage and after any distance riding. It’s a simple practice that will save you a lot of grief as low tire pressure can cause a tire puncture or more effort riding.

Simcoe County is a beautiful area in Central Ontario and a mecca for boating, golfing and cycling. The region is surrounded by a number of lakes and bays on three sides with impressive trail systems throughout, which Born to Ride Bicycle utilizes in many of our tours.

As promised last month, here are the details for our new Waterfront Heritage Seven Day Cycling Tour. A complete package which includes your accommodation for 6 nights, meals, snacks and admissions to museums and attractions along our route!

This is an exciting cycling tour that would be perfect for romantic or family getaways with a bit of history, a bit of adventure and a whole lot of leisurely pedalling! For the most part, the terrain is fairly flat and easy riding, unlike some of our more interior routes that require far more stamina and endurance.

You, as an Adventure Enthusiast Newsletter subscriber, have the first opportunity to take advantage of our Early Bird Special and to reserve your tour date!

Have a Powerbocking Party!

What a fun way to get your friends up close and physical! We offer group Powerbocking Training outside throughout the warm weather and we can come to your indoor facility anytime of the year.

After using our Power Jyms for 30 minutes or so (depending on group size), you won't worry about all the calories in your celebration food! You can burn off twice the calories of jogging or running during the same time. Visit our Group Adventure page and stroll down to the powerbocking details for more information and to book for your party.

Until next month.....

To your cycling and powerbocking adventures

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Born to Ride Bicycle

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