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News and Updates, Issue #004 -- Jump into Spring
May 07, 2013

We went into freezing our buns off to summerlike weather! We, in the seasonal warm weather business aren’t complaining.

This is a great time to learn something very fun and still quite new to Canada.

We, at Born to Ride Bicycle are the first company in Canada to offer introductory powerbocking training.

What the heck is powerbocking?

It’s the use of flexible stilts to walk, run and jump more aggressively. It’s also a great low impact muscle, cardio and skeleton strengthening workout. Great for kids aged 8 and up, teens and adults. Kids and teens benefit from the overall heart conditioning and skeleton development and enhancement of any other sport they’re into. Adults benefit from the same plus the overall low impact conditioning and weight loss or maintenance.

Powerbocking is also a fairly easy sport to learn and want to partake in. It’s just a whole lot of fun. Laughter is the sound you hear most in our training sessions.

We outfit you with all the safety gear you will need and the right size of Power Jyms for your weight category to ensure a fun, safe and health beneficial experience.

One hour of training and use of Power Jyms will give you a taste of the benefits and enjoyment of powerbocking, but being able to powerbock regularly will increase your positive health results. Powerbocking is also fairly safe to do. Once you master the balancing on a small surface and the 5-7 extra pounds you carry from the weight of the equipment, you will be confident enough to start running and jumping with them. Most people achieve independence within 5 to 15 minutes of training!

Purchasing your very own Power Jyms is as easy as going to our Power Jym Store We’ll help you select the right product for your size and use goals. We train participants using the Z-Force Pro Power Jyms,, but you may just want to start out with a less expensive pair if you’re only going to use them occasionally. Now, if you want to use them to work out regularly and more extensively, the Z-Force Pro may be for you.

We do not recommend attempting any of the aerobics or flips that are so often featured in YouTube videos. If you can do a flip in the air freestyle and are very flexible and fit or a gymnast, then maybe you can learn to do it with the extra weight on your legs. In Europe, you may find professional powerbocking schools or camps to train for professional sport or entertainment, but in North American the demand is still not there in the numbers needed to justify the liability risks for operators.

For our subscribers only

Purchase a pair of Power Jyms and get a Two for One Introductory Training for you and a friend until July 1st 2013.

Introductory Powerbocking Training available in Horseshoe Valley on days we’re onsite at Carriage Hills Pavilion. See our Happenings Calendar for Powerbocking Training schedules and call or email to book your training.

Until next month.....

To your cycling and powerbocking adventures

Anna (705)294-0596 1-855-795-4482

Born to Ride Bicycle

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