Bike and Hike Camps 

                                    Teens and Up.  Must be 13 years or older.

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Experience the great outdoors at B2RB's Full Day Bike and Adventure Camps. Disconnect your computer and reconnect with your natural instincts! Select the ride that best suits your skills.....and now SNOWSHOEING! during December, January, and February!

For ADULTS We offer customized meals at local restaurants combined with WINE and BREWERY tours.

Who is eligible?

  • Teens 13 and Up
  • Dads and boys
  • Moms and girls
  • Corporate Groups
  • Leadership oriented groups
  • Cycling Adventurers

Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - in August, September, October.

During Winter months: December, January and February, snow shoeing,  additional dates may be available for groups 20 or larger

Price includes transportation from designated pick up point, cycling/Hiking/adventure/snacks and refreshments (bring your own lunch), cost of admission to any excursions and rental of equipment.

Bike and Adventure Camp

Our Bike and Adventure Camps offer:

Bike Ride 

  • Experienced Guide
  • The proper bike for the style of riding 
  • Waterfront, Road, Rail trail, Mountain bike ride through 4000+ acres of forests (1,620 Hectares+) of trails 
  • over 90 guided tours, through out Central Ontario. 
  • Training & maintenance tips.

Rides range from 1-1/2 up to 3 1/2 hours based on skill set of cyclists. NOTE: We strongly recommend each participant registers for a CycleSafe PRE-TEST prior to camp day, This provides a 1:1,30 minute session with a trainer. you'll be assessed, and equipped with riding tips that will make a dramatic improvement to your riding abilities. All riders are tested before each ride, to determine the groups skill level. 


  • Refresh with a Hike along the pristine waters of the Great Lakes
  • Hike to the sand dunes over looking the flowing river below.
  • Hike to the top of an escartment over looking across Georgian Bay  
  • Hike to the cliffs and look outs within the Ontario Provincial Parks and wildlife.
  • Hike through 200 year old forests with towering trees with a green efflorescent light shade down upon you. Feel the silent calming of the forest, sheltered during inclement weather
  • SNOWSHOEING during December through February, subject to weather conditions.

Our Adventures may include: 

  • Hiking forest trails, caves, suspension bridge
  • Environmental exploration of plants and wildlife
  • Visit farms to learn about farming, animals and healthy eating
  • Discover Canadian art, heritage, historic sites, Native Indian, war of 1812 etc
  • Military Base and Forts: History, WWI WWII Tanks, Guns, Military Aircraft, Solders
  • Rock climbing challenge; indoor/outdoor (subject to availability)
  • Participate in building and reconstruction of plants or animal habitat projects
  • Taking ferry to an islands exploring, learning about the Geography and  History of the area

Fun Bike and Adventure TUESDAYS

Each ride is based of groups skill levels,

We offer Scenic routes for Road, Forest trails, Rail trails, Waterfront, and Orientation and tasting of food,

For ADULTS We also offer customized meals at local restaurants combined with WINE and BREWERY tours, no minors will be allowed in this tour. 

Tasting is available after all extra curricular activities are completed.

Reminder: no excessive drinking! or you will be removed from the tour, to find your way home at your expense.

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Active Bike and Adventure WEDNESDAYS 

Great for more active riders.

Ride along varied surfaces; bridges, wide/narrow trails, inclines and declines on trails or roads and along rivers or waterfronts. 

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Challenging Bike and Adventure THURSDAYS

On this level you will be 50% - 85% of the time standig off your seat, relying on your core strength. You must have fast reflexes, strong core muscle groups, ready for anything that comes your way.

Mountain biking; steep routes, down ski hills and sharp turns on mostly single tracks. 

Road cycling; follows hills and valleys along beautiful country roads and may include main corridors. CycleSafe principals are applied.

Reminder: Damages to equipment is at your expense.

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Participants may opt out from any activity as long as it doesn't disrupt the flow of the events or schedule. 

reminder: Participants may be removed from any activities due to bad or disruptive conduct as determined by group leaders, bus driver or management.


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Photo ID, proof of age, health card (Government issued ID)
  • No history of back injuries 
  • No previous heart or recent surgeries
  • No stress related health or mental issues including medication requirements (special exceptions must be in writing with a second participant that acts as provider to the physically or mentally challenged aperson wanting to join our group.(s), to ride and hike with you)
  • Allergies must be accompanied with dosage of medication and a chaperone that is experienced with administering dosage and have access to alternative  transportation if emergency services are not available.
  • No consumption of  non-prescription drugs or alcohol within 48 hours prior to any event
  • Absolutely NO smoking on or off the bus or coach, nor any lingering scents on persons or clothing, as it affects respiratory health, and allergies. If driver or staff smell it , you will be refused or sent home at your expense!

Please read Additional Important Information you need to know for an enjoyable and safe camp.

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