Cycle Safety Cross training
Roads and Trails 
Advance your skills!

We provide PRIVATE Cycle Safety Cross training for Roads and trails.

A great way to learn to ride if you have

  • challenges or fears of traffic, 
  • wanting to ride with other cyclists, 
  • Cycle on crowded Trailways, 
  • Wish to join in a Race. We also offer rentals for the right fit and style of ride

Cycle Safety Cross training is for cyclists wanting to:

  • Ride the roads, 
  • Populated waterfronts and Trailways,
  • Joining in a race
  • Want to overcome there apprehensions of riding along with traffic or other cyclists

We teach you How to:

  • Communicate with traffic
  • Ride with traffic
  • signals & signage
  • Interpret drivers habits and patterns 
  • Interpret other cyclists habits and patterns
  • posture and positioning for the right fit
  • assessment of the right bicycle
  • Be in control of your situation
  • Ride roadways with confidence
  • Ride roadways with skill  
  • Ride with improved performance
  • Get cross training on different terrain to improve your skill set.
  • Interpret different types of surfaces and the effect they have on you and drivers
  • Learn disciplined safe habits 
  • Be in control at all times 
  • Dressing for weather conditions

Cycle Safety Cross training is designed for varying levels of skilled cyclists.

It offers an opportunity to ride a variety of bicycles as well as choosing the right bicycle and fit. 

Payment goes towards two - 2 hour training sessions one day after next or scheduled on 2 dates that are compatible. Up to Six participants can sign up for the same time. but you may request Private sessions.

Please note: if you have not ridden a bicycle before or not in a long time, you must start with a 1st time Learn to Ride training session or an Assessment.

PRE-TEST/Assessment may be required to ensure sufficient cycling skills. And preliminary assessment of your abilities.

 ASSESSMENT of your cycling skills 

Reserve Your Assessment Today!

Not sure if this is for you?

It’s your choice to select the right option for you, we encourage you to choose an Assessment over a two hour 1st time session, as it gives you insight into how you need to prepare and practice prior to your Training session(s). We can't control what you decide. But we will guide and help you achieve your goals with our successful training techniques.

Do you want to prepare for your first time 2 hour training session?

Meet with one our trainers to assess your abilities and make recommendations, to help you prepare for a training session or determine which program suits you best. This also includes an introduction to your first 2 hour session, answers any questions or concerns as well as prepares you for what's to come.

 Assessment $178.11

PAYMENT/REFUNDS: A 3.5% charge applies for ALL refunds


I am a 57 year old, who sadly discovered that she can no longer ride a bike! With this COVID-19 pandemic, bicycling has been a popular past time. I was very thankful to discover this organization provides resources to help individuals, young and old alike discover the joys of this sport. I signed up for the assessment, and am now taking lessons to work on balance and bike safety. My teacher, instructing me, has provided invaluable feedback as to what would be the best type of bike for me to purchase, and has been very encouraging and patient. If you want to learn to ride, or develop your skills, I recommend that you explore this organization as a viable learning option. - C. De Val Toronto Ontario Canada

ASSESSMENT 45 Minutes before your training
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Cycle Safety Cross Training
Road and Trails Advance your skills


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We ride rain or shine!

If you have any questions please email or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

If not noted: ALL CANCELLATIONS must be made by calling our reservations line at  1-855-795-4482 by 5pm, 2 days prior to your training, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you cancel after this time, or fail to cancel, your Credit Card will be charged the full amount of the booked activity.

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