Cycling Industry Employment Opportunities

Cycling Jobs are rare, and so is our team.

We are a  Canadian Company, 

Always open to opportunities to grow nationally.

We are always in search of gifted, skilled and talented people. that possess inspirational characteristics , that would fall into a blend of being a

- Bicycle Mechanic

- Professional athlete

- Tour Guide

- and much more (see underlined categories)

Note: The  list below applies to many different positions,

Let us know where and how you fit best:

Characteristics & Skills we are looking for:

You enjoy the outdoors,

  • So much that you could live and work outdoors all year round

You can,

  • Cycle up to 200kms in one day or if necessary 350Kms in two day 
  • Run 25km - 80kms, 2-3 times/week
  • Ride most multiple terrains, (down hilling isn't critical)
  • bonus, Confidently ride Unicycle

Do You have

  • Experience in fitness training  with a solid cycling background, 
  • Do you feel you would be a gifted trainer with plenty of patience 
  • Ability to mentor and motivate people, to teach both beginners to advance level cycling skills.

Are you,

  • An experienced gifted bicycle mechanic, with passion for the industry
  •  hold a commercial Driver B, D-Z license, clean driver abstract, and CVOR

Do you have

  • First AID w/AED training
  •  a clean record (clean Criminal record)
  • VSS - Vulnerability Sector Search, can be determined at time of hiring. 
  • A clean drivers abstract and CVOR, 
  • B to D-Z license to transport passengers, equipment or goods

Are you experienced 

  •  In hydroponics, 
  •  In depth knowledge on herbal medicines, nutrients, Alternative medicine like Ozone therapy, boost the immune system, How to increase performance
  • A strong understanding of the physiology and dynamics of the Human body and how it best performs under stress

Do you have

  • Are you retired and have experience in commercial construction from a structural, Engineering or technological background?

Do You

  • Believe in a natural non toxic lifestyle?
  • Understand how the 1000s of toxins and or drugs impact our body
  • How different medications impact the brain, brain barrier and leaky gut (IBS), with solutions to effectively relieve and heal the human body 


  • Are a non smoker and hate the smell of it
  • Don't drink alcohol more than three times a year, social drinker.
  • Have no drug or addiction issues. Can live day to day without drinking coffee
  • Don't take medications, or is vey limited, and can be managed without taking any medication for 30 days.

What we do

Cycling tours and Tour Guides

Our customers may contact us for a custom tour or select one of our established 110 Ontario guided cycling tours.

Our Tour guides must be able to cycle most tour routes twice the equivalent distance, have first AID w/AED, clean records: VSS, Criminal, driving, they are expected drive both cars and trucks (preference given to commercial B-Z license, with a minimum 3 years driving experience) note: in most cases we tour with small groups that arrive at the staging area with there own vehicle. Your typically transporting the equipment and setting up for the ride.

A tour guide is able to do emergency road or rail breakdown repair to any of our bicycles. "The tour must go on!" in all Canadian weather conditions. You must know how to repair and get the customers bicycle up and riding, again . You could have 20 other cyclists waiting on you to fix the problem, using your mechanic skills, so they can all finish together, leaving no one behind. You may have six people that wants to call it quits while the other 10 want to continue on. AS well as other scenarios.

Our guides test and modify the tour to suit the customers abilities.

Each tour guide, rides the route prior to the tour,  training and preparing and looking for improved experiences prior to the tour.  

The tour guide is responsible to administer first AID and give direction in a emergency situation. Working with team leaders in the group(s). In most cases the team leaders and cyclists expect to help out. We have experienced, paramedics/ambulances can take 25 minutes or more to get to the injured cyclist. 


Our trainers are given a variety of assignments. they document, Analyze, assess new tour routes, in all terrain levels to match with a clients request and skill set level.

Trainers must be able to cycle/ride all levels of terrain and be able to fill in where needed, (Mountain, sport, and road), from a hard core Mountain bike ride with a military group to a 350km road tour across Ontario, with Canadian Olympians, professional athletes. Note: these are very rare requests, most customers are local cyclists wanting to cycle 3 hours or less .

Trainers participate in all aspects of the business, from been a tour guide, mechanic, customer relations, and of course training clients.

A trainer will work with all ages teaching how to ride a bicycle, How to interpret traffic & ride on all surfaces of terrain, How to cycle competitively, how to maintain a bicycle, how to repair a bicycle. Diet nutrition, posture, positioning,

And in most distance training, the trainers rides alongside with the client. Using whatever bicycles are at their disposal that match the style of cycling.

Trainers work with all , psychological handicaps, learning disabilities, Autistics and more. In most cases you will have a child care worker or parent present to assist when needed.

Bicycle Mechanics

Our Mechanics have a wide background and experience in building and repairing bicycles, from tandem, Surrey (5 passenger), Road, Mountain, Sport, Downhill full suspension, cable/hydraulic, V-brake, Cantilever. Cassette , hub, SRAM vs Shimano...etc.. We build whatever we're given. If your the creative type that's great! but most of our bicycles are pretty standard. Some are very low end and others are a pain in the "you know what" and others are the kind of bicycle you want all day long. Our rental fleet is made up of Giant, Kona, and Specialized, our specialty bicycles are from other sources .

Bicycle mechanics will meet and complete work orders with there assigned customer, responsible to keeping and maintain a parts inventory, corresponding with work orders,  a daily log on what's used and where and why its used, assisting in either going online to order and / or sourcing out inventory/supplies/parts. and staying within the budget requirements of each customers needs. You are accountable to your customers.

Mechanics build/service bicycles in shop and may be dispatched on service calls anywhere within Central Ontario. You may be required to work on location for the duration of an event (1 day to a week) or work at one of our job sites. (our mobile services vary each year) 

Our Mechanics deal with our rental bicycles, will inspect  our Rental fleet, they will, clean, upgrade, replace parts and report damaged equipment to be charged back to the customer.

Mechanics will be required to drive a car or truck, they must have first AID w/AED, Clean records (VSS, Criminal, driving) our preferred candidates will hold a B-Z license, with a minimum 3 year commercial driving  record. Typically you will transport bicycle equipment, set up for a tour, complete service calls, and will do emergency road/trail - side service. As well as provide training related to your skills. You may also work alongside a trainer for teaching students the basic mechanics of a bicycle.

Health and Wellness

This is a new avenue of our growing business and we plan to bring on knowledgeable and experienced individuals that

  • Believe in a natural non toxic lifestyle?
  • Understand how 1000s of toxins and drugs impact our body
  • How different drugs impact the brain, affecting the brain barrier and leaky gut (IBS), with solutions to effectively relieve and heal the human body
  •  understand and can help build/maintain hydroponic systems, 
  •  In depth knowledge on herbal medicines, nutrients, Alternative medicine like Ozone therapy, to protect and boost the immune system, to increase performance
  • A strong understanding of the physiology and dynamics of the Human body and how it best performs under stress, providing viable effective solutions
  • understanding relaxation, massage and other methodology to remove stressors within our body & mind.

Technological advancements 

Are you keeping a breast of future developments, do you know how to improve our health, protect the environment we live within. We maybe interested in hearing from you. 


As a sales team member, your are an active cyclist,  and have a history within the cycling industry, passion for helping people achieve there goals and solving problems turn them into opportunities, with a flare for a win, win situation. You are expected to understand all aspects of the business, Bicycle repair mechanics, training, guided tours, nutrition.


An Administrator is a special individual who takes care of everyday bookkeeping, payroll, correspondence, scheduling and other hands on multi skill sets that compliment our team and customer needs. At times you may be the boss, or a babysitter, holding a new persons hand and showing them the ropes. of what to do and how its done. We do like creative minds, and we believe there is no limit to what can be done, as long as it fits the budget.


The Webmaster/Programmer will be versed in:

- Converting our website into various written languages, 

- Building a better SITESELL website 

- Possible alternative website developments, to consider in future.

- Everyday administrative programming to make the customer experience flow into another sale.

- Simplify saving time on our end for scheduling appointments,

- Track and correct errored purchases, to be flagged to be refunded or exchanged to/from the customer,

-  Create or source out cost saving products for processing transactions and book keeping for financials

- Work with every department to help save time and help make every day easier and simpler, not more complicated.

- set up auto fill options for responding to a customers request, within a prepared response. And options to modify as required. 

HOW TO CONTACT US  by email only:

Type in your Subject line: The UNDERLINED HEADINGS in any of the categories detailed above.

The subject line in your email will help us understand the position(s) that best fits your interests and strengths.

You may want to attach a resume with a short introduction/summary or proposal or send us a short email introducing yourself, and when we have time to respond, we may request more information.

Email us at:



2. We only contact those that interest us and even if interviewed we are looking for people that look the part of a healthy cyclist, bringing inspiration to others.

3. Be persistent, send us your updated resume once a year, 

4. When it comes to incoming calls, you must be contacted by us first. If we find you are calling us, we may delete you from our possible hiring list and never contact you.

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