Ozone, Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy ozone oils, ozone saline was created to kill bacteria and ALL VIRUSES since WWI, 200 years in the making and has advanced to help cure. Martinus Van Marum, Christian Friedrich Schönbein, Jacues-Louis Soret, Nikola Tesla all had a part in creating the most powerful cure for disease on planet earth.

Understanding ozone in everyday life

The Ozone layer that surrounds our Earth is known to protect all living organisms from harmful Ultra violet rays, from the Sun.

In our homes and hospitals we produce ozone for sanitation purposes, to kill off viruses, bacteria and remove bad smells from the contaminated air we breathe in. This process is what gives us the refreshing air sensation, by eliminating odours., this happens because Ozone, O3 is a very unstable molecule, and wants to revert back to its stable oxygen, O2 form, in the process the remaining 3rd free single Oxygen atom latches onto and kills off, viruses, bacteria, particulates eliminating them from the air we breathe in. For example, during a good thunderstorm,  lightning discharges ozone into the air, the end result is , when we walk outside, the air feels and smells refreshing.

Normal air we breathe, contains 78% Nitrogen ,20% oxygen and 1% Argon with trace amounts of other gases. note: Oxygen levels decline in the winter months in Canada, seasonal weather conditions impact the air we breath and magnified by pollutants we create. Oxygen levels are affected by Industrial & naturally occurring causes, and are reduced significantly about every 100 years. 

Our lungs aren’t designed to inhale Ozone, and we can damage them if we breathe in too high a concentration. Ozone may cause us to experience, difficulty in breathing, pain or restriction within the throat, shortness of breath, and inflammation in the lungs.  It may be hard to understand this but, in a similar way we aren't designed to take too much Oxygen as well. There are limitations to everything.

When it comes to air pollution we determine toxicity by standardized tests of our air quality. We test for; ozone, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. This type of Ozone is unsafe as it’s created by the chemical reaction between air pollutants and UV radiation. This is a toxic cocktail mix of air pollutants combined with a by-product of ozone. In this scenario, dangerously high levels of pollutants can be inhaled, causing many respiratory risks.  Its like drinking  water, we don't drink toxic contaminated water, we drink purified drinking water.

Its common knowledge that Suburban communities, Industrial pollutants, auto exhaust and high exposures to heat are some of the major cause of health issues today. Especially, with no significant forests, wetlands and recreational parks of 25 acres or more to rely on to help absorb our damaging environmental impact.

The Science of medical grade Ozone (Oxygen 98% pure) 

Science helping to improve medical practices has many benefits and applications to improve our health.

Around the world, ozone technology,  is been used to produce medical grade Ozone in a controlled environment to treat and/or help cure patients from a number of illnesses, killing off viruses, and bacteria to the point that infections can heal, sicknesses can be eradicated, damages to the human body can be recovered or reversed to significant levels of improvement.

The process of using medical grade Ozone to heal a patient is called Ozone Therapy, Ozone therapy's (OT)  primary goal is to  boost/supplement the immune system to  eliminate a disease, help cure misdiagnosed problems and at times provide a very powerful alternative to traditional medicine, all by Stimulating blood cells with supercharged Oxygen called Ozone (03) ROS,LOP,NRF2,GST,CAT,HO-1,HSPs,HO-1, NO7,8,  RNA,DNA, PDGF (also known as Prolozone and classified under Bio-oxidative therapiesBio-oxidative1


  • In 1785 the Dutch chemist Martinus Van Marum was conducting experiments involving electrical sparking above water, when he noticed an unusual smell, failing to realize, he created Ozone. 
  • Christian Friedrich Schönbein discovered the formula for Ozone, determined by Jacues-Louis Soret in 1865.
  • In 1896 Nikola Tesla patented the first Ozone gas generator in the USA, Tesla also sold ozonated olive oil to doctors for medical use. 
  • In 1906 the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was established, after the FDA was formed, Ozone therapy was restricted from use and tapered off from North America. 

Celebrate Nikola Tesla and Ozone Generation


YES! We are the original makers of TESLA WATER, CREATED IN THE VISION OF Nikola Tesla.

Note:  Pre-orders can be fulfilled within 3-5 days but are subject to change as we go through peak periods of demand. For current availability call us at: 1-855-795-4482 or 705-718-1606.

When making purchases, always include your phone number, so we may contact you when your order is ready.

TESLA WATER 8 step 5-hour process w/Distillation, de-mineralized, applications:

  • water in its purest form.·       Everyday consumption·       Cleansing the body·       Enema treatments·       Naturopathic/Homeopathic remedies·       Saline eye drops and mouth wash, Ozone therapy applications ie. Irradication/support Crohns disease, IBS / leaky gut + digestive issues, stomach flu, cancer treatments support, 
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Each bottle of Tesla Water goes through a 5 hour 8 step process including high gamma Ozone.

Tesla Water was created to provide the highest standard of quality for:

  • Homeopaths
  • Naturopaths  
  • Doctors
  • Organic Chemists
  • applications of at home or in clinic Enema ozone insufflation 

The great benefits of its everyday use

  • Creating Medicinal/Healing remedies 
  • Heightened deeper tastes of homemade beverages.
  • Cleansing properties by drinking two-three bottles/week
  • Assist in improving recovery or fighting against illness's


For those in need to fight off a virus, bacteria, increased immunity, help reduce recovery time, we offer G.O.D., Gamma Ozone Dose. With a regeneration of High output ozone in our Tesla Water, our customers can benefit from a boost to their immunity. G O D is great for IBS, Leaky Gut (Crohn's), we've seen recovery within 15 minutes of consumption of just one bottle. Customers have taken G O D in their TESLA WATER to eliminate stomach flu, upset stomach, assist in the fight against & recovery of Cancer/Chemotherapy, and for many other reasons.

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If you are not consuming the Tesla Water. immediately after treatment, we highly recommend keeping your TW refrigerated at all times. Even the warmth of your hand will reduce the effectiveness of TW.

We suggest using a well-insulated cooler with the bottles covered in ice, the colder the better. Do not place bottles in freezer as you risk breaking the glass containers.

Delivery vs Pick-up optional

You're welcome to come to Wellesley Ontario to pick-up your TESLA WATER, but you must pre-book to ensure your order has been fullfilled.

We deliver TESLA WATER from Wellesley through to Barrie Ontario bi-weekly, and with our mobile generation unit, we can offer additional onsite treatments of G O D Gamma Ozone Dosages added to your TW purchases payment for this service is listed below.

Alternatively, if you do not wish the G O D and still want a more convenient way to pick up your order call us and we can give you a designated location to meet one of our drivers to receive your TESLA WATER, along the HWY 401 / 400 corridor (Waterloo-Cambridge-Milton-Brampton-Mississauga-Toronto-North York-Vaughan-Innisfil-Barrie) Call us at: 705-718-1606, or email: O3Canada@outlook.com

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  • Over 200 years later, Ozone therapy, having many applications, with little to no side effects, has become main stream in many countries around the world. When treated properly, OT or Ozone Therapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment that involves the use of  pure oxygen converted into medical grade ozone gas to address many health conditions, which was first used in Germany in the 1950's, and the rest of Europe and North America, followed suit into widespread use. 
  • Today, OT is growing in popularity and with newer technologies and advancements, science is seeing more benefits of Ozone therapy, and is starting to gain momentum and awareness of its benefits in the health care community, and is now available in 47 states in the U.S. and clinics are opening up throughout Canada. Today OT is been offered both medically and in Alternative medicine clinics, throughout Canada and the USA.
  • OT has become a part of normal practices outside of North America and is now gaining support within North America.
  • History of zone: Ozone1ozone2Ozone3 , Ozone4KnowYourRights


Since my teens I have had nose bleeds lasting long enough that I've been admitted into the hospital, with a long wait for a physcian and treatment. Like many others cauterization has been used, that didn't solve the problem. At one point I switched doctors, and this time I was given an antibiotic creme to apply to the nasal passageways, I was suprised after a couple days the bleeding stopped, and it didn't return for many years. Again, the bleeding started up, this time I went with Ozone Nazal Insufflation. To my surprise, after the ozone was applied, the bleeding stopped, it took only seconds. I still needed to apply some lubricant, but it was quick, easy solution.

Note: Most of my nose bleeds have been during, weather changes usually seasonal/temperature, when I've overworked myself to exhaustion, or when having cold/coughing related symptoms.  Jason W. Wilmot Township 09/28/2022


I've had a chronic issue with pneumonia, and whenever I would get a sore throat, within 24 hours my lungs would swell up and I'd have to get an antibiotic. This time, I attended an Ozone Therapy (OT) workshop, I decided to try an ozonide treatment, and after 15 minutes my lungs started healing a few more sessions followed and the pneumonia never returned. I've had cold symptoms, but the cold stopped from dropping into my lungs and anytime I may feel it might return, I treated myself again.

Notes: I've been drug free for the last 10 years, and haven't seen my doctor, except for mandatory tests. Through dedicated cardio exercise my immunity is so much stronger and resilient (10-12 hours/week).  Peter A. Barrie 


I met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in years.  During the second wave of COVID-19, I spoke to his wife, she told me he was seriously ill, with respiratory conditions, COVID-19 like symptoms, he was down to 84% Oxygen levels, Hypoxia, he was delirious, the family doctor had him on all kinds of antibiotics and none of it was working, he was getting worse by the day, the doctor wanted to admit him into the hospital, but the family said no, they knew if he was admitted, he wouldn't be coming back. They were very saddened, they felt helpless and were preparing for the worst, a Funeral.  I suggested they try OZONE THERAPY, its known to kill all viruses on contact. It's been in practice for the last 150 plus years, before drugs came into existence. Tesla patented the first Ozone generator and sold them to Doctors throughout North America, it was mainstream treatment, before pharmaceuticals; Government and drug companies join forces, and Drugs started to rule.

Reluctant at first, they final made the call and booked in an Ozone therapy session, my friend George was very ill. He needed help fast!

So his first treatment was a nasal insufflation, triggering mucus membranes , white blood cells to fight back and the medicinal ozone boost his immune system simultaneously and instantaneously, after his first treatment which took  10 minutes or less,  he lit up like a light bulb, like if you put ether into the Air intake of an engine, the OT treatment fired him up, like a lightning bolt hit him, He came alive, he demand more, immediately! He couldn't get enough of Ozone Therapy! So 30 minutes later, he did another nasal insufflation, his wife saw a dramatic change in him. He was coming alive!

A series of treatments followed, with a combination of Nasal and Ozonide treatments.

After the 2nd treatment, He couldn't sleep his body was supercharged with antibodies and medicinal Ozone, knocking out everything inside him, he was constantly coughing up phlegm and mucus, out of his lungs, The next day he couldn't believe how powerful OT was, He was quickly getting better.

He also developed a huge Canker on his tongue, which was remedied within 3 days with ozone saline mouthwash. 

Within 2 weeks George was back to himself, but he was still having lung issues, so since he felt stronger, he went to a hospital, a doctor tested his vital signs, and he came back perplexed with his test results, saying I don't understand, your vital signs are normal, and your lungs are filled with fluid, you shouldn't be standing here today with the severity of lung fluid , So he gave him a Diuretic to remove the fluid, and a week later he was back to himself.

A person can have all kinds of health issues, but what Ozone therapy is most known to kill off anaerobic viruses and infections, boosting your body, so you can naturally fight back, destroying unwanted invaders, reliving stresses on major organs to return to their normal functions healing the body, also it helps increase oxygen levels in your blood,  so your body can continue to function, even if it has failing organs, it does amazing things, that even doctors can't explain.  Sadly, in North America, OT has bas been out of the mainstream. The media and the drug organizations have prevented homeopaths and alternative medicine practices from taking over the market. But outside North America, a large majority of countries use OT every day, in fact some countries its mandatory to use OT, or a doctors could have his license revoked, even experience jail time, if he does not treat the patient first with OT. Only as a last resort will drugs be used to provide a Band-Aid solution until, they can find the root of the illness. 

Anton K. / George S. (Waterloo Ontario Canada , February 2022

Ozone Therapy Awareness Program

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"Both my mother and I have a history of major back issues and we both recently completed two Rectal ozone insufflation treatments within 24 hours of each. The next day we both awoke with no aches or pains or stiffness, the inflammation in  our backs was gone.  The same day, I returned to my chiropractor, I was so limber and very easy to adjust, he asked if I've been exercising recently, my answer was no, COVID19 has closed the Gyms.

Chiropractor:  I can't understand it, On you last visit (same week) you were so stiff, and difficult to adjust, today it's like you're so flexible, a different person! My response was, I would attribute this to my ozone therapies, two days prior.

On the next day's visit, a second Chiropractor adjusted me, and he commented that my inflammation had disappeared. Alan A. Barrie Ontario Jan 12, 2021

Medical developments of Ozone and Ozone Therapy

During the war time efforts of WWI, WWII,  men where inflicted with many wounds that led to gangrene infections, and a painful death, at the time Doctors had no option but to amputate for preservation of life.

Then Ozone was discovered and the medical profession began bagging infected wounds with ozone gas, Ozone could stop infection and patients could heal without amputation. Then they discovered, if you injected ozone directly into a wound it reduced pain , inflammation and healed injuries significantly faster. Doc1Doc2 ,Doc3 

Then in 2014, Ozone blood transfusions became a success, Best known as "High Dose Ozone treatment", or OHT - Autohemotherapy created by the Austrian doctor,  Johann Lahodny, Md, Phd, Lahodny2,  Lahodny3 " 

Witnessing doctors using OHT with ozone, were amazed " I have never seen any medicinal treatment or cure that healed a patient this fast" treating more serious health issues like AIDS, Cancer, degenerative diseases, blood toxicity issues, and the list goes on, which in some cases by the end of therapy the patient had recovered, but in most cases several treatments where required to yield positive results, with noticeable improvements, in a much shorter time line then traditional use of drugs, or surgery, in conjunction with other homeopathic treatments. OT has been found beneficial for cancer patients going through chemotherapy as it helps boost the immune system and significant improve faster recovery.  Recovery1Recovery2OzoneMarktshareRecovery3

Other treatments with Ozone

OT has been used to treating Leaky Gut IBS ( irritable Bowel Syndrome), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Shingles, ADHD, common colds, Cancerous tumors, , asthma, corneal ulcers, cystitis, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sepsis, cancer, herpes, flus, eliminating viruses related, skin infections, eczema, acid reflux, nasal congestion, Eye and ear infections, fungal related, relieving stressors assisting in healing brain disorders, recovery from hypoxia, improved brain cell development, trauma victims, dementia and Alzheimer's, due to lack of oxygen to the brainBrainO3BrainO3bBrainO3cBrainO3dBrainO3eBrainO3f


Over 40 years ago, Organic OzonidesOzonide2 where discovered. Ozonides are created when sending medical grade ozone through oleic acid rich omega 6 oils. The process produces Ozonides to assist in curing illnesses like COPD, Bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and colds. The bubbling of ozone into Omega 6 rich oils yields Ozonide which has been safely inhaled into the lungs to help cure infectious respiratory tissues, was also found to help stimulate the Pre frontal cortex and other parts of the brain, in healing and help with neuron development throughout the brain.

For ADHD Hyperactive or high anxiety types, Ozone Therapy has improved the ability to focus and increase peripheral processing. with memory and decision making. "It feels like you just put on a pair of wide angled glasses to see more around you" , "your anxiety levels are lowered" , "It feels like everything just slows right down so you can see a lot more" "even your decision making becomes more in focus, been able to process your thoughts better", "putting things in more realistic perspective with far more accurate time lines to complete projects and improved accuracy and accomplishments" (Peter A, Barrie Ont. 2020)  Brain1 Brain2 Brain3 Brain4,


If you are taking prescription drugs, consult your doctor before ozone Therapy. In most cases, combining Medical Ozone treatments and/or natural ozone products with what your doctor is prescribing works extremely well!


Cancer patience's, one of the serious side effects from chemotherapy, is it causes people to die by damaging your immune system, leaving you as an open target to infection and viruses, many have died from the side effects, not from their cancer. OT boost a persons immune system and helps speed up recovery, assisting in protecting against additional complications fending off viruses and other debilitating diseases, for many it has made a difference, If your willing to risk everything to Chemo, doesn't hurt to compliment it with something more natural, like Ozone therapy. 


"I've woke up many times in the past, with severe migraines headaches, the kind that makes you rush to the washroom to vomit! Only a week ago this happened to me I decided to take a ozone nasal insufflation treatment, and within 30 seconds my headache was gone, but the next day it reoccurred with more vigilance, so I did a second nasal insufflation, this time it disappeared in 10 seconds, it never came back, Since then I started to exercise more and treat myself monthly to a ozonide oil treatment which helps my respiratory and brain function, calming and eliminating anxiety. 


"I've had a history of high anxiety, stressors, which I believe stems from my ADHD, Two things I did.

First, I did a ozone nasal insufflation  to open up the airways within the middle ear and from the neck up  through the brain barrier, what an amazing experience, I didn't know how plugged up I was, I found out later this procedure stimulates the mucous membrane, and really cleans you out, I must have used twenty tissues.

Second, I  did a ozonide oil treatment which helps my respiratory and brain function, calming and eliminating anxieties, with 10-15 minutes, its such a calming effect. P.A. Barrie Ontario


"I had a tooth and gum infection, I left a broken tooth exposed for 2 years, and didn't know how bad it was getting. There's many options, for this but the first is to see a dentist to fix the tooth. But even a month after filling in the cavity, my gums where still feeling infected,

So, I decided to do an Ozonide treatment. Not only did get a great effect, but I felt parts of my brain come alive, in areas where I was feeling drained. During this treatment, My gums came alive too!, I felt a surge flying through all of my gums, it first started in the upper side of my mouth to the left, then downward into my lower gums as if something was chased out of my gums! it was like the ozonide was killing off all the infection.  It was like a sudden surge, like something was puffing up my gums, then after 3 minutes it was all gone. I'll never forget the sensation.

If anything else arises, I use the ozonate oil, a few drops and the infection subsides, the cool thing about this ozonate, is you can use it internally(kills off IBS issues) and externally, to help kill off the infection and/or help to promote healing. Its especially great for sensitive skin, Its made from avocado and olive oils.

A.A. Waterloo Ontario 


"I had eczema on my hand, for the last four months, it kept getting larger and growing larger and worsening, it wasn't going away. I put only two drops of your  Ozonate oil (Medical)  on my hand and within one hour, I could see the eczema was going away, I didn't do any further treatment, and it was almost totally gone within 4 days. I then tried your ozonize saline and that took it to another level, and within a week my eczema was gone. Thank you so much! D.B. Burlington Ontario

For workshops, and private sessions, refer to: 

Ozone Therapy Awareness Program  most clinics are offered in Fall,  winter and Early Spring months

  • Eye Drops  Ozonated & Preservative Free Saline 
  • Topical Olive oil Ozonated & Preservative Free
  • Topical Avocado oil Ozonated & Preservative Free; 
  • Anti-septic/Anti-Bacterial properties, Ears, Skin, Mouth, digestive-intestinal, can be used before/during/After therapy treatments. 
  • Digestion: For best results digest 1 hour or more before meals. Use as directed by your health advisor. keep refrigerated.

REFER TO OUR Purified Water products page for additional Ozone products and workshop sessions

Topical OZONATE Oils, Healing Disinfectant, Preserv Free Non GMO
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We distribute our purified products to our customers along the HWY 401, 400 and 7/8 Corridor from Wellesley to Kitchener to Toronto to Barrie, and seasonally: HWY427 QEW into High park Toronto & close to any on/off ramp along the highway corridor, from Waterloo to Barrie Ontario. And seasonally:  Ottawa (week of Canada Day celebrations). Once your purchase is made you will be contacted by email/phone, to coordinate a pick up time and location. Please adhere to arranged p/u times. Alternatively products can be shipped direct.

I had stomach and bowel issues, everyday for the last two years, I would have to sit on the toilet about six times before I could leave the house, I took one tablespoon of your Ozonate oil, and drank only one glass of your medical ozone water, and my bowel issues went away, its incredible!  Bryan Z. Woodstock Ontario. 56yrs September 2020

Inquiries contact: O3Canada@outlook.com

Ozone therapy countries

UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, China, Dubai, Brazil, Italy, Cuba, India....and the list goes on.

Moving forward with Ozone therapy

Perspective 1

Unlike North America, supportive ozone countries embrace alternative medicine, with over 40,000 practitioners using ozone therapy. From an economical stand point; Countries that support  alternative medicine like Ozone therapy have a combined GDP far greater than North America.  India..."world’s third highest GDP"-ozoneIn

Alternative medicine is all about finding the underlying cause of the patients problems, where they treat the root cause,  which in turn boosts the immune system and alleviates the problem, letting the body's immune system and major organs have control at all times.

It seems that the medical system in North America, targets the disease, but not each individuals originating problem that allowed the illness to take control.

Why do we accept pharmaceuticals to treat our immediate illness, as a quick fix,  simultaneously shutting down our immune system and/or  major organisms causing negative side effects? The drug companies are required to test  there product for kidney, Liver and heart failure. Why aren't they testing for brain failure? Alzheimer's is one the most expensive diseases in North America.

It's common knowledge, there is strong financially interests in the medical industry, supporting prescription drugs and the companies that produce them,  has deterred Homeopaths, clinics and manufacturers of natural remedies that do not require regulation the same way drugs do. Its been a constant struggle for acceptance within the North American medical industry to adapt and change with the times. If you read literature over the internet, it comes across like Tesla versus gas driven car companies,  new versus the old.

We eventually have to accept diversity in treatments, and solutions to peoples health, without a long list of side effects.

Theoretically,  if Ozone therapy,  became main stream in North America,  Its anticipated, we would see a decline on demand of the health care system, providing costs savings to hospitals, reduced government expenditures, and as a result a reduction in our taxes.     Costs1Cost2Cost3Costs4Cost5

Do we have Ozone Clinics in North America? Yes, Ozone Therapy, Doctors . How about within Canada? Yes, OzoneDoctors-woutbordersCanada

Search Ozone therapy Ontario  or   contact us directly to arrange a workshop on ozone therapy at: O3Canada@outlook.com  (Available within Ontario) .

Perspective 2

In Canada and in the USA the FDA defines Ozone as a toxic gas, but on the other hand it has been approved for applications to treat patients with ozone therapy. This leaves room for interpretation, and the expectation of future opportunities.

Final vote of confidence

If the US and/or Canadian government funded clinical trails for all forms of treatments with Ozone Therapy; overseen by well respected specialists practicing OT, and scientists recording all effects, the results would probably bring far more value to personal care and at home use, and a higher level of respect for the medical profession, paving the way to lower health care costs, with satisfying results for all concerned. 

OT Research, Clinical trails and studies on Ozone therapy, research1research2COVIDresearch2research3 , research4research5,   research6research7research8ReasearchCOVID19

Doctors, Ozone TherapyDr David Minkoff , Dr. Paolo Tordiglione: Dr. Hyman , Dr. H. LiebowitzDr. Liebowitz2,   Dr. Saul Pressman1Dr. Mobeen syedCOVID19_Dr. Mobeen syed2Dr.Robert RowenRowen2 ,Dr. Akbar KhanCdn, Dr. Robert BannerCdnDr Biljana KostovicCdnDr. Fred HuiCdnDr. Leanne AstawanCdnDr. Allan PriceCdnDr. Michael PrytulaCdnDr.CalebCdnB.C

 To date there is well over 40,000 ozone therapists/physicians world wide, and over  3,500 doctors registered using OT within North America. Zoom Meeting (Ozone Therapy)

Do you believe in curing people with effective results? Then you will want to watch the award winning 1993 documentary " Ozone and The Politics of Medicine " documentary produced by Geoffrey Rogers of threshold film, Vancouver BC, avail. on Video.

I went through a series of ozone sessions, and found no real improvements until 5 months later, when I tried two sessions of cannula ozonide treatments,  I found I was waking up and getting out of bed with little effort, as if I was a child again, with no day time knaps, I was recalling more, and felt some hearing improvement. I didn't think I would make it through 2020 , and now I feel so much more alive again! Shirley F, Wellesley Ontario , age 85yrs. December 2020

One form of Ozone therapy produces similar results of that of Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.  As Ozone is basically a supercharge oxygen molecule, that when applied properly, in most applications can be safely and effectively administered, by anyone, without any dangerous side effects.

Inquiries contact: O3Canada@outlook.com

Update: " Medical Study finds that Ozone should kill Coronavirus": Medical Study Finds that Ozone should kill Coronavirus | NOAI CERTIFIED

Ozone Water treatment and Medical ozone water for anti-viral and detoxification

Today most water bottles are labelled with some degree of ozone treatment for initial sanitation of the water coming out of the ground or into the processing plant. Today, Countries and cities that are willing to adapt to upgrading to safer advancements of water quality ,  to eliminate cancerous chemicals such as THMs (trihalomethanes) in most city drinking water, replacing chemicals with using ozone , ozone2 ozone3 , ozone4 treatment to municipal drinking water (www.aclarus.ca).

Medicinally ozonized water, saline and  omega 6 Ozonated oils are commonly used to dramatically reduce inflammation, kill off gum infections, bacteria, acid reflux, and many other intestinal and stomach issues. Ozonized water treatment has been around more than 100 years.

"I was prescribed drugs for life to keep my acid reflux in check. I decided against the long term effects of taking drugs and taking money out of pocket, so I went to see a homeopathic supplier who published a book on the cure from cancer and and he handed me one glass of medicinally ozonated water, and in 3 minutes my acid reflux was gone and never came back" Peter A, Barrie Ontario. 58yrs October 2006

inquiries contact us at: O3Canada@outlook.com

Looking to break a bad habit?

Trying to remove alcoholic beverages, overdosing on caffeine products or breaking away from smoking, or other cravings?

Prior to ozone therapy, I had a history of pneumonia, I was constantly reaching for some form of stimulation to keep my energy up, struggling with lack of sleep, and every year coming down with some kind of bug, or respiratory issue. Shortly after I started ozone therapy, my cravings and anxieties went away, I also felt more energy.  Even family members noticed I was no longer getting sick.  Alan A Wellesley, Ont. 50 November 2020

Feedback is usually very positive, with comments

"I no longer feel fatigue issues, "

"I feel so much more alive now,"

"I'm waking up with energy again!" 

"I'm so awake now"

"I'm so much more focused!"

I can now pay attention, seen things in a much more detailed way, as if everything slowed down for me, to see it.

My visual viewpoint is so much better, I've never felt this way before!

I'm, so much more assertive!

I can recall what I did yesterday with improved memory!

Ozone is not the total cure all, but it comes pretty close, 

We all have our bad habits that put our health at risk, and once we start experiencing a declining health, its usually a loud wake up call,

Its like over spending, during the holidays and your standing at the cashier making payment and your credit card bounces. then you ask yourself , how did that happen?

The problem is we have difficulty recalling or admitting to what we did over the last week let alone the last ten years, that cause as decline in our health.

So start early, start doing what's best for your health, and take control and prevent yourself from getting to this point.

COVID-19 FLCCC Call To Action No longer stay silent: Ivermectin


Ozone therapy has not been (fully) recognized by the Medical community within Canada or the USA.

In April 2003 the United Sates food and drug administration (FDA) prohibited all medical uses of ozone, " In any medical condition for which there is no proof of safety and effectiveness"...…."Ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy" OzoneWik

"Although the FDA says ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical use, ozone therapy is legally practiced in 47 US states and in many other country's" FDA1

Inhaling ozone is hazardous to your health, but is considered acceptable in smaller quantities

0.2 ppm for no more than 2 hours exposure

0.1 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing moderate work

0.05 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing heavy work

  • Eye Drops  Ozonated & Preservative Free Saline 
  • Topical Olive oil Ozonated & Preservative Free
  • Topical Avocado oil Ozonated & Preservative Free; 
  • Anti-septic/Anti-Bacterial properties, Ears, Skin, Mouth, digestive-intestinal, before, can be used during, and after therapy/treatments. best to digest before meals Use as directed by your health advisor. keep refrigerated.
Topical OZONATE Oils, Healing Disinfectant, Preserv Free Non GMO
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Ozonized Saline eye drops Anti-Viral Preservative Free

Eye drops Preservative Free Saline Ozonized Anti-Viral
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WEEKLY DISTRIBUTION  curb side p/u and shipping

We distribute our purified products to our customers along the HWY 401, 400 and 7/8 Corridor from Wellesley to Kitchener/Waterloo to Toronto to Barrie, and seasonally: HWY427 QEW into High Park Toronto & close to any on/off ramp along the highway corridor, from Waterloo to Barrie Ontario. And seasonally:  Ottawa (week of Canada Day celebrations). Once your purchase is made you will be contacted by email/phone, to coordinate a pick up time and location. Please adhere to arranged p/u times. Alternatively products can be shipped direct at add'l cost.

Name, Cell,City,Postal Code
Pick-up location/address

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Inquiries Contact: O3Canada@outlook.com

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