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Create Your very own cycling Tour Experience!

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Experience Central Ontario like never before!

Ride along historic trails and lovely country roads, City streets, cycle on islands, Mountain Bike trails through towering hardwoods to make an amazing all around ride!

Custom Cycling Tours is one way Born To Ride Bicycle offers a cycling experience that caterers to your specific needs.

Stay with Born To Ride Bicycle, we offer rooms for rent at $100/night sleeps two/room with shared kitchen & bathroom facilities. This is basic accommodations, no frills, In Wellesley (N0B 2T0) and Innisfil (L9S 0A9) Ontario.

Inquiries Contact us at:


we need to know: duration, how many rooms, # of guests, describe why you need a room, do you require transportation, bicycle rentals, special requests/requirements.

Rooms are sanitized daily, All COVID19 symptoms will be turned away

We can also act as your travel agent to help provide local packaged accommodations & experiences.

Waterfront Tours


Enjoy the surroundings of a quaint town, with special moments

Trail - Hybrid / Sport

Nastalgia from the past, a little stroll down memory lane brings fun times and stories shared amongst the riders

Forest - Mountain Bike

Experience Hidden trails, only known to the locals

Road - Road/Hybrid


At the end of your tour, taste a locally made Drink or refreshment

We caterer to your group events!


We have put together over 110 Guided cycling tours since 2009, through out Central Ontario, and beyond. We strive to give you a unique first hand experience. 

R & D  - Research and Development

Based on your requirements, customizing a tour can take a couple hours, a  half day, a week, or several months for completion. R & D Assessments, Documentation, GIS, preparation, ordering equipment, training. are just a part of putting together a great tour!

We work with you to create a wonderful, experience!

  • Correspondence, meetings with local vendors, organizations, property owners
  • Permission to access, coordination and scheduling with local officials
  • Trainers go out to the location to ride, obtain resources, document, determine routes, categorizing skill set levels of routes, 
  • Photographing route options
  •  Compiling results and putting together recommendations, and proposals 
  •  Correspondence with you, providing options
  • Meals, entertainment, accommodations, recreational options, transportation all can be combined with a customized tour.


Once the customer has approved, our tour options, and itinerary, and has made a satisfactory payment.

We put the foot to the pedal getting prepared for your custom tour(s) experience.

  • Guides go out to start training for the tour route(s). 
  • Reservations and payments go out to accomadators, vendors and contractors
  • Rental bicycles are customized to the tour
  • Mechanics order or build new and service existing bicycles to match specifications of riders with tour type.
  • special requests, are to be followed through to completion.

Lets Get Started!

Would you like to GET STARTED! 

STEP 1. Make your first payment for your customized tour. This payment goes to the development of your customized tour. This is not a part of the actual tour costs, but if we find your payment is more than what's required for the development stage, we will credit up to 50% towards the actual tour costs.

STEP 2. Complete the online "Customized Cycling Tours" Form (see below)

STEP 3. Someone from our office will contact you, either by email or by telephone.

You may send us additional literature links or support information by email.

NOTE: whenever emailing us please place in subject line: your name with the words"Custom Cycling Tour"

Email to: Attn: Peter Armstrong, 

For additional assistance call us at: 1-877-795-4482 or 705-718-1606, please let us know when we may call you back

If the customer requests a tour that matches our 120++ cycling tours. Up to 50% of there initial payment may be approved to go towards the costs of the actual tour, 

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds. If you have a change of heart or have a last minute change in scheduling your payment(s) are non refundable. We incur many hours of labour, producing customized tours. But, if any amount is considered unused you may be approved a credit towards any of our services,  you may also be eligible to convert your credit into a gift certificate for any of our services, all credits expire one year from purchase.

Lets get started on Your Customized Tour!

Other charges that may apply beyond your initial payment are as follows:

  • Permits 
  • parking
  • Tour Guides
  • Tour route inspections
  •  Assessments of Cyclists 
  • Bicycle rentals 
  • Bicycle Repair 
  • Transportation services
  •  Meals
  • Accommodations
  • miscellaneous special requests

Our Policy on Weather conditions & Health concerns

Cycling tours go out rain or shine.

As an experienced Canadian cyclist, we all know weather conditions can change without notice. Nobody can control the weather, nor do we rely on the weather mans predictions. 

If the weather is considered hazardous such as lightning strikes, we will postpone the start time or date, in coordination with the customer and our availability. All tour bookings are non refundable especially within 48 hours of the event.

Situations beyond our control

If the weather doesn't permit the tour to go out or the tour routes to cycle are no longer permissible or if the customer or tour guide(s) have a serious health issue, we will provide alternative options so that the tour may go out as scheduled.

If these options are not acceptable by the customer or there is no other options,

Born To Ride Bicycle will provide two options to the customer: A) Up to a 25% refund on actual tour costs. B) Up to one years rescheduling. within Central Ontario, and a 15%  rescheduling fee paid by the customer, at the discretion of management.

ASSESSMENT of your cycling skills

Reserve Today!

Not sure if this is for you?

If you havent cycled in a while, dont commit to something you may feel uncomfortable about, take the time to re-learn your skills. It’s your choice to select the right option for you, we encourage you to choose an Prior to a tour or a two hour 1st time Learn tor Ride session. An Assessment gives you insight into how you need to prepare and practice prior to your tour or training session(s). We can't control what you decide. But we will guide and help you achieve your goals with our successful training techniques.

Meet with one our trainers to assess your abilities and make recommendations, to help you prepare for a tour or training session or determine which program suits you best. An Assessment answers any questions or concerns as well as prepares you for what's to come.

Assessment $178.11

ASSESSMENT 45 Minutes before your training
Session reserved by, Cell
Lets get started on Your Customized Tour!

Customized Cycling Tours

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Hire a Cycling Tour Guide and Go!

Are you spontaneous?

Cant wait for the next tour?

Just got off work or a flight, need to unwind?

Out of a meeting and want to get out and ride!

Have the need for speed or to let off some steam!

Need to dig up dirt on the trails,

Ride hills and valleys on roadways,

Ride along a waterfront trail, feeling the cool misty air of Ontario's fresh waters! 

Have our experienced Tour Guides arrive with all the equipment you need to ride, We've had clients out riding in as little as 2 hours! Most provide us with 3 days to a weeks notice

LETS GET Riding! 

STEP 1.  Complete the online "Customized Cycling Tours" Form (see above) 

STEP 2. Someone from our office will contact you, either by email or by telephone.

STEP 3. ONCE WE HAVE CONTACTED, you and confirmed a time and place,

STEP 4. Make your payment below,

STEP 5. We will send to you confirmation of your booking.

We look forward to seeing you soon at  Born To Ride Bicycle!

For additional assistance call us at: 1-855-795-4482 or 705-718-1606

NOTE: For Charter groups and travel agencies  Email us at:  Attn: Peter Armstrong.

Please place in subject line:

  • your organizations name with the words "Hire a Tour Guide" or "Custom Cycling Tours" 
  • any important dates 
Hire a Cycling Tour Guide
Hire a Cycling Tour Guide with Bicycle Rentals


Refer to bicycle rentals page,

We stock 80 bicycles: Tandem, Road, Mountain,Hybrid, Sport, BMX, Dirt Jump, Full Suspension and Accessories.

A truly unique experience that you will remember for a long time and tell all your friends about!

Let us know if you would like to make this part of your holiday plans. We partner with participating area hotels, inns and B&B', campsites and can recommend excellent accommodators that give our guests special room rates.


  • REFUNDS are non-refundable within 30 days of the event
  • NO SAME DAY REFUNDS, no matter what the reason
  • Within 21 days from payment a 3.5% Administration charge applies for ALL refunds, including; deposits.
  • For ALL refunds that are greater than 20 days, from payment date, a 7.0% Administration charge applies , including Deposits.
  • All tours development fees are non-refundable

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Our Customers Talk....

"My son and his friend loved
the Wonderland Tour!
Came back for more."

Elisheva J. NY, USA

"Our teens spend a great day
mountain biking through the forest!
Thanks, Peter"

Lisa R. Ottawa, ON

"My son really enjoyed
the Trail Hopper I tour!"

James B. USA

"We took a number of guided
tours while vacationing in
Horseshoe Valley and discovered
places we never would
have visited otherwise!
Great memories, Thanks B2RB"
Mac and Sara B. USA

Our students had an amazing
afternoon on their MTB tour
with Peter and staff!" Nizzan, Toronto, ON