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Guided Cycling Tours
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The Trail Tours are primarily designed for the average cyclist looking to take photographs, learn more about the area, commonly described as a family outing, but also a popular option for large groups



Juvenile Barred Owl, Fort Willow War of 1812

Nhistoric Trail Cycling Tour - Springwater

HuroniaBeach 9C4E06

Rolling waves of Georgian Bay, Above the tree tops looking down in the Valley below to the road cycled

HuroniaBeach Trail Cycling Tour - Tiny


Lush Green Jarassic Marshlands, A town small farm town that time has forgotten,  hasn't changed since the days of western Cowboys, with wooden decked boardwalks into local shops, You could imagine the ghost of a Sherriff standing beside a post with badge and guns in his holster.

WesternWetlands Trail Cycling Tour – Orillia/Coldwater

HiddenTrailsOne 9C4E06

Is It Puff The Magic Dragon? Plenty of parks to cycle through.  Half way point on route you'll arrive at a sand private shore line, where a river flows into Kempenfelt Bay.

HiddenTrailsOne Trail Cycling Tour – Barrie

HiddenTrailsTwo 9C4E06

Ride the hidden trails to your destination. A flowing river down to a private sandy beach of solitude, a picture perfect moment.

HiddenTrailsTwo Trail Cycling Tour – Barrie

HiddenTrailsThree 9C4E06

Tunnel and Bridges, mountain biking trails through forest, challenging tree roots, cycling on edge of a Bluff, looking down at the flow river below.

HiddenTrailsThree Trail Cycling Tour – Barrie

CountyCrisp 9C4E06

Ride the to Georgian Bay, Visit an apple orchard farmer, taste some of pick your own  at Stayner Market.

CountyCrisp Clearview Trail Cycling Tour – Clearview/Collingwood


We'll Cycle and fly Collingwood & Georgian Bay sites and scenery

C&FlyGeorgian Trail Cycling Tour – Clearview


Feel the tranquility of Waubaushene and by chance meet local artists

Waubaushene Trail Cycling Tour – Tay


Ride with us to the the Elmvale Zoo, (Deer, Zebra, Giraffe...more)

Sanctury Trail Cycling Tour – Springwater/Elmvale

Elite trail Tours  are longer tours for an active cyclist that enjoys riding along established crushed stone or paved pathways and experiencing some picture perfect moments that create a life time of memories.


Canada's Hawks, bring home the "bacon" to there family in huge nests! Ride wide open Trails, Start & End at two beaches in two small towns, Orillia/Barrie

OspreyNestElite Trail Cycling Tour – Springwater/Elmvale

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