Learn to ride a bicycle or advance your skills

Learn to ride a bicycle whether you are young or young at heart!  Cycling is too much fun not to!

Available as soon as weather permits in the Spring and continue throughout the cycling season! 

"Year after year, we encouraged and tried to help our son, Mitchell, to ride a bike. Year after year, it became more frustrating for him. He would shut down,not want to try any more and it ‘knocked down’ his confidence. He would see other kids in the neighbourhood riding and his friends would ask to go bike riding. To us, he would say, “I can’t ride a bike.” Getting a little older, he decided that the time was now or never. We weren’t sure how to go about it this time, because we wanted so badly for him to be successful. We found Peter’s website online and decided to give it a try. Unsure what to expect, we went in with an open mind. It took three sessions for our son to learn how to ride on his own. Peter was fantastic. He broke the learning down into a logical sequence that, as parents, we never thought of. Peter built Mitchell’s confidence through patience, expertise and observation of his readiness. As Mitchell mastered one piece, Peter would move on to the next step. This building of skills along the way also built Mitchell’s belief in himself. He needed to show perseverance (since he was the one who had to do the work), resilience (as he had to work through the frustrations as he was learning) and humour (Peter would play little games to lighten up the mood when Mitchell felt doubtful).  We would recommend anyone who needs help learning to ride a bike to spend time with this wonderful coach, Peter. We can’t thank him enough for the transformation we see in our son through his Learn to Ride experience." Melissa, Travis and Mitchell S. Oro-Medonte, ON

With guidance and patience, our trainer will have you riding with confidence in no time!

Just think of all that you can see and enjoy on your bicycle.

The trails you can blaze.....!

"I'm so excited!  Now I can join my husband and kids on bike rides.  Peter is great!" AJ, Milton, ON.  Had her training while on vacation.

Born to Ride Bicycle supplies you with the right bike or ensures your bike is the right fit, proper helmet and even elbow and knee pads. 

You supply the enthusiasm and energy!

You know it takes a bit of energy to ride a bike?  ...but, don't fret!

We will work with you slowly but challenge you to success so you can shout "WOW...what a ride!"

Private 2 hour training includes: 

  • Training bicycle
  • Focused & motivated training technique
  • Balance techniques & skills development
  • Overcoming fears & challenges
  • Practice and training specific to the individual requirements
  • Riding in safe environment 
  • Access to $5000 in training equipment
  • Proper bicycle fit and style for riding style
  • Testing through obstacle course

We recommend that you wait to purchase a new bicycle until after your training if you don't have one already.  We find many students are buying the wrong type or size of bike for their needs.

Please note:  if you bring your own bike, it has to be in riding condition or else there will be a charge for servicing it.

Choose Your Location......

Central Ontario

Horseshoe Valley, Barrie, Innisfil

Reserve today!

Wed 1:15 pm-4:14 pm. Fri 1:15 pm-4:14 pm, 5-7 pm. Sat 10 am-12 pm

Learn to Ride Horseshoe Valley

Wed 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5-7 pm. Thurs 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:14 pm. Sat 10 am-12 pm. Group: Sun 7 am-10 am

Learn to Ride Barrie

Mon, Wed, Thurs 4 am-6 am. Fri 5 pm-5 pm. Sat 10 am-12 pm

Learn to Ride Innisfil


Vaughan-Woodbridge, North York

Reserve today!

Mon 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am5 pm-7 pm. Wed 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:14 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Sat 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm. Sun 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am, 10 am-12 pm, 1 pm-3 pm

Learn to Ride Vaughan-Woodbridge

Mon 7 am-9 am, 5 pm-7 pm. Wed 7 am-9 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Sat and Sun 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm.

Learn to Ride North York

Toronto - Downtown

Reserve today!

Mon  7 am-9 am, 5 pm-7 pm. Wed 7 am-9 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Sat and Sun 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm.

Learn to Ride Toronto Downtown

South West

Milton, Burlington-Waterdown, Kitchener-Waterloo

Reserve today!

Mon 4 am-6 am, 5 pm-7 pm. Wed 4 am-6 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Sat and Sun 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm.

Learn to Ride Milton

Mon 4 am-6 am, 5 pm-7 pm. Tues 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am, 10 am-12 pm. Wed 4 am-6 am. Fri 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Sat 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm. Sun 4 am-6 am, 7 am -9 am, 10 am-12 pm.

Learn to Ride Burlington-Waterdown

Mon 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am, 10 am-12 pm, 1:15 pm-4:15 pm, 5 pm-7 pm. Tues 4 am-6 am, 7 am-9 am, 10 am-12 pm. Group: Sun 7 am-10 am

Learn to Ride Kitchener-Waterloo

Group Training Sessions have a maximum of six participants. Price is per person. All participants are required to be available for assigned times.  Reserve today!

In BARRIE and WATERLOO ONLY: Sundays starting times 7 am to 10 am. You will be notified when there is a group training session in your area for your age group.   

Includes Training Bicycle

Special Family Learn to Ride: total 3 hours for two children under 12 years of age at the same time. Bicycle rentals optional.

Our trainer will devote 1 hour each child and 3rd hour combined.  Great way to learn to ride together!

Available at all the same locations as private lessons. 

2 children under 12 yrs

Special Teens Learn to Ride: total 3 hours for two Teens age 13 to18 years of age at the same time. Bicycle rentals optional.

Our trainer will devote 1 hour each teen and 3rd hour combined.  Great way to learn to ride together!

Available at all the same locations as private lessons.

L-Ride 2 TEENS


CycleSafe is two - 2 hour training sessions one day after next or scheduled on 2 dates that are compatible. Preferably minimum two participants at same time.

CycleSafe is a training course for cyclists wanting to ride the roads but have fear of cars or want to learn how to:

  • Communicate with traffic
  • Ride with traffic
  • Interpret drivers habits and patterns 
  • Be in control of your situation
  • Ride roadways with confidence
  • Ride roadways with skill  
  • Ride with improved performance
  • Get cross training on different terrain to improve your skill set.
  • Learn disciplined safe habits 
  • Interpret different types of surfaces and the effect they have on you and drivers
  • Be in control at all times 
  • Dressing for weather conditions

CycleSafe is designed for varying levels of skilled cyclists.
It offers an opportunity to ride a variety of bicycles as well as help a new cyclist with choosing the right bicycle and fit.

Please note: if you have not ridden a bicycle before or not in a long time, must start with Learn to Ride training first.

A CycleSafe PRE-TEST may be required to ensure sufficient cycling skills. And preliminary assessment of your abilities.


Advanced Training for Road or Trail

If you are already a good rider, but want to train for more endurance or a special event, we can help.

Proper technique and posture are critical to keep you in top form for those challenging rides. 

Take our 2 hour training tailored to your skills sets.

We ride rain or shine!

If you have any questions please email or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

ALL CANCELLATIONS must be made by calling our reservations line at  1-855-795-4482 by 5pm on the day prior to your training, rental or guided tour.   NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cancel after this time, or fail to cancel, your Credit Card will be charged the full amount of the booked activity.


Celebrate your riding success

Now, that you have learned to ride, join your instructor and fellow LTR students for a group ride!

Learn to ride and enjoy the cycling season where you live or where you play!

Bicycle Safety Tips

Peter will teach you all the bicycle safety tips you will need to know before you ride your bike on roads, paths and trails and how to stay safe.

You can't always control what a vehicle driver will do or not do, but you can sure control that you use all the safety rules of the road correctly and at all times. With Peter learning those rules can be a lot of fun whether you are a child or just young at heart.

Peter Says

  • Don't even attempt to ride on the road until you are well balanced and know how to operate your bike.
  • Pick a safe, no vehicle traffic area to practice (if child, with an adult to guide you).
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet and make sure it is the right fit for you.
  • To avoid scrapes and scratches, wear elbow and knee pads (optional).
  • Make sure your bicycle is well equipped with lights and reflectors, bell or horn and well tuned brakes and gears.
  • Your bike should be a proper fit for you. Too large, and you risk getting hurt when you loose your balance. Too small, and you will work your leg muscles too hard. Many bicycle shops will work with your child and let you trade up as your child grows (ask their policy on this).
  • Learn some basic bicycle repairs and always have a Bicycle Repair Kit with you when you are travelling.
  • Water bottle and cage are highly recommended for any trip.

    These tips may seem common sense, but you would be surprised how many cyclist don't have much sense!

Download a copy of Cycling Skills or receive your FREE copy with your bicycle riding lesson! Born to Ride Bicycle can also come to your school, boys & girls club or adult group to help you learn to ride a bike! (suitable room to manoeuvre a bicycle must be available). Or, book a lesson for your group at one of our mobile locations.



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Call or come see us for details and to select your bike.

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Peter is a great teacher! My girls, not only learned to ride their bikes, but also how to care for their bikes.
Caroline. Toronto, ON

I never learned to ride a bike as a child. I'm so glad I took this training with Peter, now! Nancy T. Woodbridge, ON

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"My son and his friend loved
the Wonderland Tour!
Came back for more."

Elisheva J. NY, USA

"Our teens spend a great day
mountain biking through the forest!
Thanks, Peter"

Lisa R. Ottawa, ON

"My son really enjoyed
the Trail Hopper I tour!"

James B. USA

"We took a number of guided
tours while vacationing in
Horseshoe Valley and discovered
places we never would
have visited otherwise!
Great memories, Thanks B2RB"
Mac and Sara B. USA

Our students had an amazing
afternoon on their MTB tour
with Peter and staff!" Nizzan, Toronto, ON

Learn to Ride: Adult student "I enjoyed my private lesson with Peter!  He is very patient, kind and clear.  A good teacher" Lisa B. Toronto, ON